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writing's Journal

20 February
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"Listen, three eyes," he said, "don't you try to outweird me, I get stranger things than you free with my breakfast cereal."
katie, 32, central coast california, boston, san francisco, chicago fire, boardwalk empire, community, the it crowd, spongebob squarepants, the carrie diaries, under the dome, treme, bob's burgers, the simpsons, fawlty towers, coronation street, father ted, scarlett johansson, brooke vincent, sacha parkinson, angelina jolie, carey mulligan, britney spears, jamie cullum, florrie, ed sheeran, ben affleck, matt damon, daniel radcliffe, joseph gordon levitt, shia labeouf, harry potter, ernest hemingway, cormac mccarthy, hitchhiker's guide, alice in wonderland, the secret garden, young adult books, good will hunting, tea, thunder storms, dream decoding, writing, reading, movies, concerts, travel, photography, nail polish, nail art, coffee, cats, sleeping, graphic design, web design, angry birds, netflix addict
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